Music Reviews — 24 January 2012
John Mark McMillan – Economy

Singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan has released his new album ‘Economy‘. John is best known as the writer of the hugely popular worship song ‘How He Loves’, and of course many people know this song as it has been covered by numerous well-known Christian music artists including Hillsong, Jesus Culture and the David Crowder Band. But this talented songwriter has done so much more than one song. He released several independent albums before being signed by Integrity Media for 2010’s ‘The Medicine’ album.

From the opening Sheet of Night you realise John Mark McMillan doesn’t really sound like many Christian singers around at the moment. John McMillan certainly has a taste for raw guitar driven music. Known for great lyrics, this album is no different, lines like in Daylight “Heaven bends low for the naked and the poor, To settle up a debt, to settle up the score” or Love You Swore with the lines “Chase me down like a lion, like a bird of prey, lift me up from the ashes of my hearts own shallow grave… cause I know that I love you, but sometimes I’m so afraid”.

Murdered Son is an out pour saying what God did for us with Jesus. There is such a pain in these lyrics that it’ would be hard to sing them without meaning it. “Glory to One, God’s murdered son, who paid for my resurrection… Glory to the one who overcame in death, Glory to One, who paid for my offenses, Glory to the one”. This is the honest truth in this truly stunning song.

REVIEW by Titch Wild

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